Why a healing room? Well, my therapy clients can tell you that they have many of my business cards with suggestions for everything healing for the body and mind on the back of my cards. Some have teased me that they could wallpaper a wall with the many business cards that I have given to them. I love, love, love researching and trying all sorts of things for healing the body and mind. In this room, you will find information on so much and helpful items as well. I’ve included everything that I personally find helpful in my life. I want this to be a helpful healing place for you. I am so excited to have everything that I love all in one place for you to explore!

Full disclosure: Please note that some of the links I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission only if you decide to make a purchase for some items, not all of them. 

Dr. Pam’s Healing Room