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I am so excited to bring to you ideas for Self-Care! Are you in the caring-taking field? Are you a parent? Do you care for a parent? Do you have a demanding job? I can’t think of anyone who does not need self-care.

Lack of self-care results in feeling irritable, resentful, and unhappy which ultimately will leave you feeling depleted. Most don’t connect feeling irritable with being depleted. You need fuel to keep going. Of course, fuel such as food, sleep and exercise will keep us going. But to get to a peaceful and happy space, we need self-care.

Think of self-care as ‘giving back to you’. No one can continue to give without receiving in return. And while it is important that we experience reciprocity (balance of giving and receiving) from others in our life, we need to give to ourselves as well.

Many ask me – “what does self-care even look like”?

So I’m going to share with you my idea’s of self-care!

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Although I have a section on yoga, I want to say that yoga is self-care. However, if you take a moment to do a bit of yoga for self-care, I am referring to a healing yoga experience. You can do yoga for many reasons and experiences such as building strength, balance, spirituality and flexibility. If you are engaging in self-care, doing a slow-moving gentle stretching yoga. On they have free classes!! One of the first free classes that I did was for the neck and shoulders by Sybil Buck. We carry so much tension in our neck, shoulders and upper back that a nice, gentle yoga stretch can relieve your pain. It is a beautiful way to begin your day!

First decide if you are taking a morning, evening, entire day or just a small window of self-care. And keep in mind that self-care may mean different things to different people. What is beneficial for one person may not be for another. AND, what you may need one day may not be what you need another day. For example, there are times that spending enjoyable time with a friend will ‘full my tank’ and other times when I know I need quiet alone time.

Quiet, peaceful alone time!

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Nature!!! So healing!! When I spoke with a male client about finding time to replenish, he said to me “I don’t even know what you’re talking about!” I tried to explain and share ideas for self-healing and ‘filling one’s tank’ but he had an idea of his own. So one day he took off from work and did what his dog did all day!!! And one of the things he did was go outside and lay in the grass. It was brilliant really; he played, rested, lay in the grass and just loved being with his dog.

Dogs know best!


It may sound silly but if you read What Dogs Teach Us, you may not think so!! Such a great book, it made me tear up because I know I’ve learned so much from my dogs that I’ve loved over the years. Let me just say that anytime that you can be in nature, please do. Go for a walk in the park and better yet, take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass!! Or go for a bike ride, a hike – anything to be connected to nature! And of course, if you have a dog – walk in the park together 🙂

Create a beautiful space

tea on tray


Reading a book can be relaxing. Watching TV can be relaxing. However, creating a healing environment while doing one or the other is even better. Do you ever need to zone out and watch TV, however you find that you don’t feel replenished after doing so. This is what I do to feel replenished when watching TV or reading a book. First, if it is watching TV, I make sure I watch something that is a guarantee that I will enjoy. Spending time trying to find something to watch is exhausting. Next, I make a pot of tea in my favorite teapot, make an enjoyable snack and put it all on a tray. For some reason, it just feels wonderful putting everything on a tray, like an enjoyable ritual. I drink so much tea everyday that I feel it is important to drink organic tea. I love this tea!! And then – I get my aromatherapy diffuser and diffuse calming essential oil (I use this oil for sleep as well on the bottom of my feet!). And when my muscles ache (which they often do) I put lavender oil on my neck and shoulders, then wrap myself in my favorite microwavable comfort wrap. It’s pure heaven! Finally, get some lotion to give yourself a foot massage, light a candle and settle in for a relaxing and replenishing experience!!

Keep checking back with me, I will continue to add more self-care ideas for you!


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