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Wedding rings Marriage Preparation: A must do course before the wedding!
  This course will teach you all of the important things that you need to learn about each other before you get married. You will be guided to address issue’s that all couples need to learn but rarely do!



Marriage We need help! Marriage: We need help! Growing in Connection with one another. 

This course will guide you through many of the challenges that couples encounter with one another such as managing conflict, learning and managing gender differences, communication, sexual intimacy and so much more!!


Sexless marriage Sexless Marriages: (The number one Google search of a challenge in a marriage)

This is a major problem and the cause is rarely what many think. You will learn the obstacles that create a sexless marriage and how to overcome them.


gender differences Understanding Gender Differences and How they impact relationships

The only way to navigate gender differences (and they do exist!) is to learn about them! This course will teach you to learn to appreciate and accept your differences.


pregnant couple Parenting: Children do not come with directions!

Did you know that the first three years are the most important years in parenting your child? You will learn why and the best parenting practices so you will feel more confident as a parent!  And more, you will learn how to parent your child in later years as well, teen and even early adulthood!


parenting Step-Parenting: Help is on the way!

You want so much to be a newly blended happy family but it does come with its challenges. I will address many of the issue’s that you experience as a step-parent as well as how step-parenting impacts your marital relationship and what to do about it!


How to date couple  How to date!!

This course will help you learn how to date, what to look for in another person as well as understanding (self-awareness) what you bring to a relationship! Finding the person who you want to share your life with is very important! 



Dating after divorce  Dating after the divorce: Whew so much has changed!!!

It is not easy dating after divorce and some would rather not even do it and yet crave to have a partner in life. This course will help you learn how to date again especially after a painful divorce. You can have love again in your life. You will learn the most important things that you can do for yourself after a relationship ends so that you can move forward in your life in a meaningful way. 



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