I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist for the past eighteen years. Whew, time flies!! Although I work with a variety of life issues that are presented to me in therapy, my passion and strong area of interest is to understand the vast complexities of all relationships. Relationships often are the key to many of the difficulties that we encounter in our lives.

I received my bachelor of arts at Cedar Crest College and my Masters in counseling psychology at Temple University and a Masters in Human Development at Fielding University. I received my PhD at Fielding University. I love all areas of learning, however my studies at Fielding was particularly enjoyable because I was able to focus on my area of interest….relationships!!

Additionally, I am licensed as a professional counselor. I teach at Cedar Crest College and have done so for fifteen years. Teaching was not something that I ever imagined myself doing, however, I love it! It aids in my work as a therapist because as I continue to learn in all areas that I teach, I can bring my learning in to my work as a therapist! I teach Human Development, Family Dynamics, Sex and Gender: Critical Facts and Myths and Psychology in Current Events.