I love food!!!!

I decided to include a Food & Cooking section in my healing store for a few reasons!!

First I believe holistic care for healing involves treating the whole body and the whole person. What I mean by that is that it is important to understand how nutrition affects mental health, how stress affects mental health and so on. Food is one of the most important things (next to water) that we put in our bodies for health and healing. I have witnessed people experience change in health with changes made in their diet. Although I am not a trained nutritionist, I have been studying nutrition for 20 years.


food 2

SecondWell – I love food! And – I love to cook! I grew up eating the same rotating ten or so meals each week. Roast beef (or ham, spareribs) on Sundays, spaghetti when I invited friends for dinner (because it makes a lot of food) and various Pennsylvania Dutch foods during the week. My mother cooked foods that my Father enjoyed. Although my grandmother was an avid Italian cook, I never cooked with her, so I stumbled into my love of cooking.

I remember when I discovered cookbooks, “Wow,” I thought – “you mean there are more meals that one can make than the one’s that my Mother rotated weekly! How exciting!!!!!”

That was the beginning of my cookbook addiction and my love of cooking. In the past 20 plus years, I’ve collected over 300 hundred cookbooks. I didn’t feel so bad when I found out the Alton Brown has over 3000 cookbooks!!

I love various foods, ethnic to vegetarian to gluten-free. I rarely make the same thing twice. Every week I create our weekend menu. Such fun! And when I am in the kitchen, it soothes my soul.

I will include all of the things that make my cooking experience enjoyable as well as my favorite cookbooks and nutrition books! 

flower self-awareness

Finally – I am going to include challenges that many go through in regard to body-image. I hope to shed guidance to help you with body-image issues. Sadly, I have never heard someone say that they don’t struggle with body-image issues. Even the thinnest of women find something that they don’t like about themselves. And this is not just a female issue, men struggle as well. I will include everything here in the hope that you can find something to heal you.

Stay tuned – I’m working fast to get all of this content to you. Please check back with me!






Photo Credit: Michael Stern@flickr.com