~ In office counseling:

I provide individual, couples, or family counseling. You can email me regarding any  insurance questions. Additionally, if I don’t accept your insurance – you can submit my receipts for reimbursement to come directly to you, if you have coverage. My fee is 130.00 an hour. Please email me via my contact form with any questions! Or you can email me at

~ Phone consultations:

I provide phone consultations to those who prefer virtual sessions. This can be a ‘one time’ consultation session or ongoing sessions. My fee is 130.00 an hour for phone consultations. I accept all credit cards! Email me with any questions you might have for me!

While I provide services for many of your concerns, it is important to note that although you may struggle with one or more of the issues below, I believe that it is important as a therapist to recognize these issues as challenges that you experience. This does not define who you are as a person. I want to get to know you as a whole person and work toward understanding all that you go through so that I can be helpful to you.

Depression: There are many degrees of depression and varying reasons for depression. It is especially important that someone struggling with depression feels heard and understood in what they are going through.

Anxiety: Most everyone has some level of anxiety. Learning to understand our triggers as well as learning to manage anxiety through technique’s can help diminish the impact of anxiety.

Relational Issues: I believe that relational challenges are what drive most people in to therapy. Not just marital relational issues, but parent/child, employee/employer, friends, and so on. Relational issues are challenging. I am passionate about supporting and validating what you go through while at the same time supporting the side of the other as well. Of course there are always exceptions, but it is necessary for you and I to work together in an attempt to gain insight, self-awareness, perspective and growth.

Stress: Oh my, stress is something that all of us go through. Learning to manage stress is not only important for our overall health and well-being but to minimize the impact on those close to us as well. Again, it is important for me to gain an understanding as to what you go through in an attempt to help you manage your stress.

Grief & Loss: Grief and loss come in so many forms. The obvious is the loss of a loved one. This is so painful. Society tends to have a timeline for grief which is a burden to those who are grieving. Grief does not have a timeline. We all grieve in our own time and our own unique way. I believe in supporting you in your time of grief in a way that honors you and your process.

Family of Origin Issues: It can be invaluable to understand the impact that our family of origin has had on the person we have become. Developing a narrative of our life with insight and perspective can provide peace of mind.

Life transitions: There are so many transitions in one’s life and we all need to feel supported during transition, whatever this may be for you. This can be divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, being a new parent, changing jobs, children leaving home, just to name a few. Times of uncertainty can elicit stress. Dialogue with another can provide one with a sense of comfort, direction and perspective.

Women’s concerns & Male concerns: Although we are human beings and experience commonalities, we also have considerable differences. For example, woman are cultured to be focused on others, i.e. caretakers. This can be rewarding and at the same time come at a cost to self. Men are cultured to stand alone, again this can come at at cost to self. Understanding how our differences impact oneself and another can be of the utmost importance for a peaceful existence!

Adolescent concerns: This is a time of developing one’s identity. It is so important that we feel seen for who we are as an individual and it is even more important to be seen for who we are developing to be as a person in adolescence.

Eating disorders: Those who struggle with eating disorders tend to define themselves by their disorder. You are not a disorder! This is something that you go through but it does not define who you are as a person.

There are many issue’s that one can bring to therapy, the above stated are just a few. Hopefully, you have a sense of how I work with people and I am happy to answer any of your questions.


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