A few ways that I hope my website is helpful to you!

This website is a guide for those who are seeking to learn about themselves as well as your relationship!

You can read my blog that will help you in many areas of your life. 

Not everyone wants to go to therapy. That is why I am working on my online courses! The first one will be free to you! Sign up here so you don’t miss out!! Let me say this about my free class: In my doctoral program, I did research about conflict that we go through in relationships. Let me just say this! The people that I interviewed learned so much that I decided to turn it into an online course. I know you will love it 🙂

Also, I am super excited to offer you my reading suggestions page. This page is not going to be a typical suggestions page. I will go into great detail about the books that I suggest. I will describe what I’ve learned from them and how I benefited from reading them.

I will continue to build on this site, adding helpful information for you!

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A bit about me 🙂

I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist for the past 20-years. Whew, time flies! Although I work with a variety of life issues that are presented to me in therapy, my passion and strong area of interest is to understand the vast complexities of all relationships. I believe that “relationships often are the key to many of the difficulties that we encounter in our lives.”

I received my bachelor of arts from Cedar Crest College and my Masters in counseling psychology from Temple University and a Masters in Human Development from Fielding University. I received my PhD from Fielding University. I love all areas of learning. However, my studies at Fielding University was particularly enjoyable because I was able to focus on my area of interest – relationships!

Additionally, I am licensed as a professional counselor. I teach at Cedar Crest College and have done so for 15-years. Teaching was not something that I ever imagined myself doing. However, I love it! Teaching assists me in my work as a therapist because as I continue to learn in all areas that I teach, I can then utilize what I learn in my work as a therapist! I teach Human Development, Family Dynamics, Sex and Gender: Critical Facts and Myths and Psychology in Current Events.