“I seek to understand the context of what you go through in your life and together we can work toward self-awareness, insight, and growth.” Pam Fullerton


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The Power of Accepting your Relationship

It is often said that happiness comes from accepting our relationship. And most might agree that acceptance is nece…

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Is This the Secret to the Best Relationship?

What is the secret to having the best relationships? This was the question asked of Betty White in an interview on…

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Subtle Fears and Your Relationship

Different degrees of fear exist in all relationships. Just to preface, I am not referring to fear of abuse, intimid…

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There are so many transitions in one’s life and we all need to feel supported during transition, whatever this may be for you.


These times of uncertainty can elicit stress. Practicing mindfulness can provide one with a sense of comfort, direction and perspective.


Relational challenges, as a single person, or in a committed marriage/partnership, are what drive most people in to therapy.