“I seek to understand the context of what you go through in your life and together we can work toward self-awareness, insight, and growth.” Pam Fullerton


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Subtle Fears and Your Relationship

Different degrees of fear exist in all relationships. Just to preface, I am not referring to fear of abuse, intimid…

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Up close and personal: Learning about relationships on the road!!

In my last blog, I wrote about my discovery of missing the small day-to-day encounters with my husband while he was…

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Six Days Without My Husband – Lesson Learned!

My husband and I have been married 26 years this August, and we’ve been together almost 30 years. As is true with…

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There are so many transitions in one’s life and we all need to feel supported during transition, whatever this may be for you.


These times of uncertainty can elicit stress. Practicing mindfulness can provide one with a sense of comfort, direction and perspective.


Relational challenges, as a single person, or in a committed marriage/partnership, are what drive most people in to therapy.